Hubble Exchange Engages Eden Network for Hubblenet Validation


Hubble Exchange is thrilled to announce it has chosen Eden Network to become one of the first partners to validate the Hubblenet. Eden Network is a multichain infrastructure provider, and part of the group behind Avalanche liquid staking product, yyAVAX. They also have deep expertise in the MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) space, with multiple live products on Ethereum. Eden Network will run a validator node, significantly enhancing the degree of decentralization of the Hubblenet in its early stages.

“We are excited to partner with Hubble Exchange as a validator on the upcoming Hubblenet. The team is using a custom Avalanche subnet to power their unique vision of decentralized perpetual markets, and as long-time supporters of subnets, we are glad to be a part of their launch”_, said Caleb Sheridan, Developer at Eden Network.

The Hubblenet will initially launch as a permissioned network, requiring validators to be whitelisted. Eden Network’s proficiency in liquid staking derivatives and validator services makes them a perfect fit for this role. Their support ensures robust and efficient validation, creating a secure foundation for the network in its early days.

As the Hubblenet matures, it is designed to become elastic and permissionless, enabling any validator to join in by staking Hubble tokens and running an Avalanche validator. The transition towards greater decentralization is an essential part of our vision for Hubble Exchange, and we are confident that Eden Network’s expertise will also play a crucial role in this evolution.

About Eden Network

Eden Network is a multichain infrastructure provider, specializing in MEV.

On Ethereum they operate multiple B2B products that focus on optimizing block rewards and value extraction for validators and searchers, and B2C products that focus on a superior UX for DEX traders.

On Avalanche, they provide validation infrastructure for Yield Yak’s liquid staking product; supplying the network’s highest average base APR through their value generation engine.

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About Hubble Exchange

Hubble Exchange is a trustless and composable trading system for perpetuals, operating on Hubblenet — a specially designed blockchain built exclusively for perpetuals trading. This unique blockchain embeds a fully Decentralized Limit Order Book along with its Matching Engine. By leveraging its own L1, Hubble Exchange offers fully decentralized and lightning fast trade execution at a low cost, enabling trustless trading.

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