Powered By A Decentralized Limit Order Book

A Decentralized OrderBook
for Perpetual Futures

Hubble Exchange is a Multi-Collateral Perp DEX, Offering
Rapid-Fire Trade Execution with High Leverage at a Low Cost.

Introducing Decentralized Perp Exchange
Omnichain Experience

Deposit and Trade from Any EVM Chain, Powered by LayerZero

Our Features

Lightning Fast Trade
Execution < 1 Second Finality

Decentralized Matching Engine
Introducing a truly Decentralized Limit Order Book; orders are matched by validators.
Decentralized Matching Engine
coming soon
Cross & Isolated Margin
Increase capital efficiency; use your profitable positions as collateral.
Or keep your positions isolated for a better control of your risk.
Decentralized Matching Engine
Makerbook, an Advanced Scaling Solution for a Limit Order Book.
A scaling breakthrough for Market Makers enabling a CEX performance and
liquidity. Gasless post only orders, Blazingly fast. Sub 40ms latencies for
placing Post-Only orders.
Decentralized Matching Engine
coming soon
Maintain exposure to a diverse portfolio of assets.
Decentralized Matching Engine
Outposts to Every Chain
Direct, fast and cheap deposits enabled from Avalanche and Arbitrum,
more to come. Deposits supported from multiple EVM chains.
Decentralized Matching Engine
coming soon
Meta Transactions
Trade from any chain and from any wallet, without ever switching networks.
Decentralized Matching Engine
Ultra Low Gas Fees
Unrivaled affordability with gas fees under one cent. Seamlessly settled in USDC - Hubblenet's gas token.
Decentralized Matching Engine